European Union suing AstraZeneca to get 90 mn vaccine doses before July

Protesters at Astra Zeneca HQ in Cambridge

"As for the next arrivals of AstraZeneca vaccine, federal authorities should be contacted to find out more", wrote a provincial spokesperson.

He also said that the declining case numbers in Ontario were a factor in the decision, as it could mean that the risk of ending up in hospital from a vaccine-induced blood clot will eventually exceed the risk of being hospitalized due to COVID-19.

He says people who have already received AstraZeneca did the right thing to avoid illness.

Vaccines like AstraZeneca force an immune response from the harmless version of the virus, while mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna give immune cells instructions to make the COVID spike protein and produce antibodies.

Smith also said that the efficacy of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine manufactured at a production facility in Baltimore is not yet clear and the Food and Drug Administration has not yet certified that the doses are available for anyone's use or for export.

Dr. Eddy Lang, department head of emergency medicine at the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine, says there appears to be no definitive evidence as to whether mixing and matching separate vaccine doses is a good idea but says the uncertainty is no reason to delay getting an initial vaccination.

Over the last few days, Dr. Williams says the number has increased to 1.7 per 100,000 doses administered. He said the province is not certain as to when or if more AstraZeneca doses will arrive.

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Health officials are now reviewing the use of the vaccine for second doses and will provide guidance to those waiting for second doses of AstraZeneca in the next few weeks.

Ontario is preparing guidance for people who already received a first dose of AstraZeneca on what to do next.

Ontario said Tuesday afternoon it will also no longer administer AstraZeneca as first doses due to supply issues.

They are now reviewing data on alternative for second doses.

Millions more mRNA vaccine shots are expected in Canada over the coming weeks - Pfizer alone will deliver two million shots each week in May before ramping up to 2.4 million a week next month - meaning there should be enough supply to vaccinate AstraZeneca recipients with a second dose of a second product.

Briefing journalists, he said the Indian government has given the United States a list of raw materials - "we have received a list from the Government of India with a lot of raw materials and other materials that are needed for manufacture of vaccines here in India".

As a result, Ontario signalled it would likely mix COVID-19 vaccine brands as the country prepares for a flood of Pfizer and Moderna shots while some doctors question further use of AstraZeneca. There is a four-month waiting period between shots.

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