Utah does not win a seat in Congress despite astronomical population growth

New U.S. Census numbers due out Monday could help shift the power in the U.S. Capitol in Washington

That was 165,986 more than the 2010 census figure of 5,988,927.

In 2018, the Census Bureau estimated NY lost about 48,500 residents.

Also, the rules the state they will use to redraw the districts were revamped just previous year when voters repealed parts of a first-of-its-kind 2018 initiative for drawing fair and competitive legislative districts. If the state of NY had counted just 89 more people in the Census, he said, it would have vaulted over Minnesota to get the 435th of 435 House seats allotted.

Overall, the United States has 331,449,218 people living in the country, according to the U.S. Census, a 7.4 percent increase in population over 2010, and a number that represents the second-slowest growth decade in U.S. Census history. The slowest growth was between 1930 and 1940.

The census figures showed a continuing migration to the South, whose population grew by 10.2% and the West, up 9.2%,.

Utah voters approved an anti-gerrymandering ballot measure in 2018 that created an independent commission to draw new political boundaries.

A multiracial coalition is demanding the next round of maps stop dividing the Yakama and Colville Indian nations and provide more electoral power to communities of color. "If I'm an incumbent, I'm thinking the Legislature is going to probably do a "least changes" plan", he said.

Above all, some civic activists want to boost public involvement in the decennial map-drawing that follows the USA census - a yearlong slog that is typically monitored mostly by self-interested lawmakers, partisan operatives, journalists and other political geeks.

Partisan control allows members of either party to manipulate the results through effective gerrymandering in states that allow political redistricting.

George Floyd: People Chant Outside Court After Derek Chauvin's Guilty Verdict
I've spent time with his little daughter, Gianna - you should see this handsome child, oh! "I think it's overwhelming in my view. After the closing arguments today, they'll come back with a verdict, and we're not going to get ahead of those deliberations.

The other driving factor is who is in charge in state houses and governorships once the data becomes the basis for new lines. The Democratic appointees are April Sims, secretary-treasurer of the Washington State Labor Council, and Brady Piñero Walkinshaw, a former state representative.

This decade's population count is particularly hard to assess - with results delayed due to the coronavirus, and a prolonged court fight over how to count people without legal immigration status.

Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-New Hartford, serves the 22nd District, a sprawling district that includes all or part of eight counties stretching from Lake Ontario to the Pennsylvania border.

"With the significant migration from the urban core center to the outer suburban area, that suggests that the Republican party could be a big victor in any redistricting", Hall said.

In the case of NY, it was a razor-thin shortcoming in the nationwide population count that caused the state to just barely miss out on maintaining its representation. The Legislature can make only minor changes to the commission maps and the governor has no role. They're also supposed to avoid splitting up cities and other political subdivisions.

"It's still producing a lot of cars and building new plants, but you don't need as many people building cars", he said.

Information from The Seattle Times archives is included in this report.

The change means NY will have lost a total of 13 House seats since the 1970s, when the state had 39 House members.

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