George Floyd: People Chant Outside Court After Derek Chauvin's Guilty Verdict

STATE OF AMERICA Jury deliberates and National Guard called out ahead of verdict in George Floyd case

By An Wentzel• 20 April 2021

Security around Minneapolis has also been strengthened ahead of the verdict as authorities fear unrest if there is no guilty verdict. Over the weekend a heightened police and National Guard presence became more visible around the city and was especially noticeable downtown, near the court. The jury, anonymous by order of the judge and sequestered now until they reach a verdict, spent just a few hours on their task Monday after the day was mostly consumed by closing arguments in which prosecutors argued that Chauvin squeezed the life out of Floyd last May in a way that even a child knew was wrong.

It said journalists would be exempt from general dispersal orders issued to demonstrators, and that state police were banned from using chemical spray against the press. Chauvin "did exactly what he was trained to do over his 19-year career".

They included the Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo, who said Chauvin's actions violated the department's training policies and its "values".

The most compelling evidence in the case against Chauvin was the video of Floyd's arrest taken by a 17-year-old bystander, Darnella Frazier. Arradondo had fired all four officers involved in the arrest and death of Floyd, shortly after the incident. The other former officers - Thomas Lane, J Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao - are charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Their trial is scheduled for 23 August. After the closing arguments today, they'll come back with a verdict, and we're not going to get ahead of those deliberations.

During the prosecution's argument, Schleicher replayed portions of the bystander video and other footage as he dismissed certain defence theories about Floyd's death as "nonsense".

"This case is exactly what you thought when you saw it first, when you saw that video", prosecutor Steve Schleicher said. "This wasn't policing, this was murder".

Chauvin is facing three charges in the death of Floyd: second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

At a news briefing, Walz said "systemic changes" were necessary to protect Black Americans but said, "We can not allow civil unrest to descend into chaos".

"We're looking for a guilty verdict". If nothing [happens] then we know that we've got to not only stay in the street but we've got to fight for justice. Waters, who joined those protesting the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright on Saturday in nearby Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, told news outlets that "I hope that we're going to get a verdict that is a guilty", and that "if we don't, we can not go away". "Guilty, guilty, guilty", said Waters. "We've got to get more confrontational".

DC Chief Medical Examiner confirms Officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes
The report's release highlights the shifting understanding of the officer's death since the day after the riot. Congress held a tribute to the officer, having him lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, on February 2.

A few miles from the courtroom, nightly protests have flared in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, over the police shooting of a 20-year-old Black man, Daunte Wright, after a routine traffic stop on April 11. The now former police officer, Kim Potter, said she'd confused her Taser with her gun and shot the young man by accident.

Because Chauvin has no criminal record, the second-degree-murder charge carries a presumptive prison sentence of 12 1/2 years, according to Minnesota sentencing guidelines.

"The standard is not what should the officer have done", Chauvin's defense attorney, Eric Nelson, said. I've spent time with his little daughter, Gianna - you should see this handsome child, oh! "I think it's overwhelming in my view. The law presumes that the jury follows the court's instructions and the court has instructed the jury today that they are not to let any outside influences or public opinion sway their deliberation".

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is introducing a resolution for Waters to be censured and says she "incited violence" with her remarks.

Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the White House was in touch with local authorities, governors and mayors in the states.

Minnesota Open Safety Net, "A join effort between multiple law enforcement agencies", tweeted late on Monday night that peaceful protesters could be seen walking through the streets of Minneapolis.

Grand Rapids, which had some of Michigan's worst violence last May after Floyd's death, placed concrete barriers around the police department just hours before the verdict was announced.

Last week, Chauvin invoked his constitutional right against self-incrimination and did not take the witness stand.

They broke into celebration when the news came through and chants of "all three counts" and 'Whose victory?

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