Investigator Boards Ever Given in Suez Canal Blockage Probe

Container ship in Suez

Rabie also said that investigators yesterday questioned the crew. "Estimates, God willing, will reach a billion dollars and a little bit more, this is the country's right", Rabie told another local channel, without specifying who would pay and whether Egypt has already sought compensation.

However, Evergreen Marine Corp. - the Taiwanese firm that chartered the Ever Given and whose name was plastered on the boat's hull - reportedly doesn't expect to foot the bill and denied responsibility for delays for the cargo it was carrying.

"It's got to be at least 60 days before things get sorted out and appear to be a bit back to normal", Prof Flynn said.

Authorities at the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said the compensation figure roughly equals losses linked to transit fees as well as damages suffered during the efforts to refloat the vessel.

These colossal cargo ships that became held on Egypt's Suez Canal banks last week, barring traffic through the vital waterway, were ultimately cleared of the shoreline by technicians on Monday evening.

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The Ever Given's stranding across a southern section of the canal forced a halt to all traffic, leading to a build-up of 422 ships at either end of the canal and along its course.

The Japanese owner of the Ever Given said it had not received any claims or lawsuits over the blockage. The delay almost doubled rates for oil product tankers.

The Suez Canal is the shortest route between Europe and Asia through which $9.6 billon worth of trade passes through every day.

Of the 1,11,372 tonnes of oil products that sailed from the south to the north of the canal, 17% were from India, the third-highest among exporting countries in the northbound direction.

Egypt's Leth Agencies said yesterday that a total of 163 ships had transited the Suez Canal since its reopening and that 292 ships were now waiting. However, the re-routing ships around the Cape of Good Hope added at least two more weeks to the voyage and more than 800 tonnes of fuel consumption for Suezmax tankers. "We all respect all the rules of the SCA".

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