28 family members contract COVID-19 in Los Angeles

28 family members contract COVID-19 in Los Angeles

Soon after, his 60-year-old father, Vidal Garay, also caught the disease - and his condition deteriorated rapidly.

He said he and his father tested positive for the novel virus on June 4 and both started quarantining together thereafter.

Richard Garay claims that he and 27 other members of his family were infected with COVID-19.

Most of Garay's relatives who bought sick, including his personal kids and his brother's pregnant spouse, have additionally recovered. "I will not want him to be a statistic". If his story can save a life, it's worth telling his story. "It really is. It doesn't take us long to expose ourselves".

"Hopefully his loss of life can support save folks", the younger Garay said.

When the father and son contracted the virus, they made a decision to quarantine together at home in south central Los Angeles so as not to spread to other family members.

Then points began going downhill.

"It went from running nose to headache to full-blown fever", Richard told KTLA-TV.

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"He struggled to even drink his treatment. "Maybe, my dad was like 'hey, if you're going, I'm going too"...that breaks my heart".

During their forties together to pass the time, they discussed dying and what they wanted their funeral to do, Garay said.

A couple times into quarantine, the more youthful Garay identified as 911 just after he woke up gasping for air. Before the doctors took him to the hospital, the father sat down and asked if he was okay, he said. Those were his father's last words. Those people had been his last phrases to his father.

Days later on, his father was taken to a clinic in Los Angeles County, exactly where he took a turn for the even worse and experienced to be set on a ventilator.

His father died on June 20, a day before Father's Day, after two weeks of hospital care on a ventilator. The day he died, his mom frequented the hospital and observed him by way of a window, Garay reported.

Garay does not know how the household customers got coronavirus - there was no social gathering and no big collecting.

Richard Garay became the first family member who became infected.

The parents are recovering and planning the father's funeral, and he has settled on one GoFundMe account to help with the various expenses incurred by the disease and memorial pendant.

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