Disney Plus new episode release times: Mandalorian, Encore!, more

Tessa Thompson and Justin Teroux voice the title characters in Disney's latest live-action remake 'Lady and the Tramp'

Walt Disney, which launched the much-awaited ad-free video streaming service Disney+ this week in the United States, may not launch the services in India and instead route the original content to Indian audiences through Hotstar.

So starting on November 15, in the first minute of the day, just after November 14 turns to 15, Disney SHOULD activate the next episodes of each of their original series. One analyst, cg42 founder and managing partner Stephen Beck, estimated that 45% of all streaming subscribers could sign up for Disney+ in the next three months.

Some of those millions of new eyes will see a warning about outdated cultural stereotypes when they tune into Disney's older content.

On the Disney+ launch day, excited fans had stayed up until the small hours to be among the first to watch "The Mandalorian", a new live-action Star Wars television series which is among a handful of exclusives available at launch. The Hollywood Reporter stated that they offered a free one-year subscription to Verizon customers in the U.S., fan club members discounts, and even a Hulu and ESPN bundle.

The service launched in the USA earlier this week, bolstered by a solid launch library including original productions like highly-anticipated Star Wars show "The Mandalorian".

The Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN+bundle is getting a lot of attention, as it might give some viewers enough to cut the cable, for the same price as Netflix's standard package.

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Although that's about five years ahead, it seems Disney will have absolutely no problem hitting that target considering they already did a huge chunk of it in only one day.

"It's that continual flow of new movies and shows that keeps us interested in a streaming service".

"Younger audiences could also be more likely to marathon classic movies back-to-back and Disney's all-encompassing collection makes that easier than ever".

In April, Disney said it plans to reach 60 million to 90 million Disney+ subscribers globally by 2024.

Currently, South African broadcasters like DStv and other third-party video services are able to broadcast Disney-owned shows and movies thanks to content licensing agreements.

Are you struggling to get into Disney+?

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