Why is Christmas last the most appropriate tribute of George Michael?

Last Christmas: Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is 'BLOODY' annoyed with fans; Here's Why

First of all, the London-set film joins Brexit into the plot, with Kate's Yugoslavian guardians having emigrated to the United Kingdom, and her mom uncertain of hostile to foreigner notion crawling into the nation. He is as bubbly as she is depressed.

Emma Thompson, who stars as Kate's mother, Adelia, inadvertently carries much of the humor in the film.

Clark, her exceptional performance, and Thompson and her ability to write dialogue that seems real, and that gives her characters multiple dimensions, and a very nice plot twist, make me recommend that you put "Last Christmas" on this weekend's movie shopping list.

Michelle Yeoh is amusing as Santa, Kate's Christmas-obsessed boss with plenty of mean zingers for her increasingly careless employee. At first, Kate resists (even though she's not averse to going home from bars with complete strangers), but then succumbs to Tom's charms.

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Kate and Tom are slightly maddening in their extreme quirks for the first half of the film. When looking for him, she meets people who run the homeless shelter where he volunteered. I admit, I kept waiting for Last Christmas to elevate to the hallowed ground occupied by contemporary holiday romcoms like Love, Actually, The Holiday or The Family Stone. Finally Tom shows up but says she shouldn't get attached to him. Its salvation is the warm rapport between Golding and Clarke (when they do appear together), a Christmas gibbon, and the distraction of all those twinkly lights, which are used liberally. While it can't be determined by the final results, LAST CHRISTMAS feels a bit like it started as one thing, tried to turn into another, and wound up somewhere in the middle with both narrative and quality.

I also chuckled when Kate, who yearns to be a singer but is working as an elf at a store, says something morbid to Tom. So what? No one in the movie really matters other than Clark.

All songs were written, arranged and produced by George Michael, except "This Is How (We Want You To Get High)", which was co-written and co-produced by George Michael and James Jackman, and they will appeal to fans who grew up with his music and introduce a new generation to George Michael's extraordinary musical virtuosity and range. Fortunately, "Last Christmas" is set around Christmas but Christmas isn't the focus. But if, like me, you've gone ahead and given in to the whimsy of the holiday spirit and the giddy chemistry between Clarke and Golding, it could just be a whopper of a key change. It would make a fine date movie or a trip to the Cineplex with your besties. So what you're faced with is a 50-50 shot of "Last Christmas" being worthy of not being the "last" Christmas. There are a few slow sections and, if it weren't for the excellent actors, it could be a Hallmark or Lifetime romance movie on TV but we can rate it three stars. "'90" to "Everything She Wants", Michael's music provides a well-curated soundtrack to the love story between Kate and mystery man Tom, played with a charming, if one-note, niceness by Crazy, Rich, Asians heartthrob Henry Golding. Let everyone know with a comment!

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