UAW raises strike pay for General Motors workers

Louis Rocha president of the UAW Local 5960 carries a box of food supplies for a striking worker on October 11 in Lake Orion Michigan

There was some hope that the UAW and GM would be shaking hands, celebrating a new deal this weekend, but it didn't happen.

United Auto Workers said on Saturday it's increasing strike pay for workers picketing at General Motors as the walkout by more than 49,000 employees nears the four-week mark. GM has confirmed that it has received the offer, and it is under review.

Strikers have been largely supportive of the union's tough negotiating tactics resulting in the now five week-long strike.

UAW members on the picket lines Monday said they are exhausted of the back and forth. The company would agree to make temporary workers permanent with three years of service and they would get a $3,000 bonus upon ratification of the contract. The increase had been scheduled for January 1, according to a resolution approved by the union's executive but will now take effect this week.

In addition, striking workers who found part-time work that exceeded the strike pay total would void the total of their strike pay benefit, but the decision allows GM and Aramark workers to retain their pay while taking on such jobs as long as their picket duty is performed. "They'll have to come to terms with reality and strike an accord".

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While the $25 raise may not sound like much, UAW members say it's just enough to feed another child at home.

'We are all standing together for our future.

In a letter, the UAW's vice president said that the proposal contained all of your outstanding proposals, referring to union members.

Meanwhile, UAW members maintained picket lines at GM factories across the state, and dug in for their fifth week off the job, as local unions announced plans for the days ahead, including free flu shots and clothing swaps for workers living on strike pay and savings.

In a surprise move, the UAW also launched a strike, involving 3,600 union members against Mack Truck, heavy truck make that belongs to AB Volvo and sounded numerous same themes that have echoed through the GM strike, which began September 26.

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