Saudi-Led Warplanes Pound Yemen Rebels After Pipeline Attack

US President Donald Trump

This calamitous plunge in Iran's fortunes has led Mr Rouhani to concede that, for all his bravado past year, the impact the sanctions are having has created even worse conditions for Iran than those during the country's long-running war with Iraq between 1980 and 1988.

"There won't be any war".

Houthi spokesperson Mohammed Abdul Salam said on Twitter the drone strikes were a response to the "genocide" and "aggression" of the bloody air war the western-backed coalition has led in Yemen since March 2015. "They know a war wouldn't be beneficial for them".

General Hatami further insisted that the Trump Administration's pressure campaign against the Ayatollah regime was nothing short of a declaration of war. Put simply, Washington's unyielding demand that countries chose sides between Iran and the United States, and the extraterritorial sanctions that come with not complying, is putting a long list of countries in a bind. Its ports would be mined or blockaded. At the same time, the Supreme Leader is well aware that a military escalation could pull Europe away at a critical moment for the Iranian economy. Iran would need years to recover.

Iran's relative patience and continued diplomatic engagement with Europe underscores Khamenei's desire to reap the JCPOA's economic benefits, such as they are.

The Trump administration has accused Iran of supporting "imminent attacks" on US personnel in the region but provided details or evidence. The Iranian Defense Minister vowed that these efforts will fail, and that eventually: 'the Islamic Republic will defeat its enemies: The United States, Israel and its allies'.

On Wednesday, the USA was more specific, saying there was an "imminent" threat to U.S. personnel in Iraq from Iraqi militias allegedly controlled by Tehran.

Saudi Arabia's deputy defence minister accused Iran on Thursday of ordering the drone attacks on two Aramco pumping stations as a "tool to implement its expansionist agenda in the region".

But in World War II, we had 12 million men under arms.

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"It is directly linked to Iran, multiple threat streams directly linked to Iran", said one official.

"Do you believe the president has the authority to wage war with Iran without congressional authorization?"

Adding to concerns is a belief that a convoy of Iranian-supplied missiles was last week successfully transported across Iraq's Anbar province into Syria, where it was transferred safely to Damascus, regional diplomats told the Guardian.

How would that help the world?

"I would say every single contact I have had with the most senior people in the USA government indicates that there is absolutely no desire or interest in a military conflict with anybody", he said.

The Trump administration urgently needs to find a new approach to avoid having its Iran policy undermine long-term American interests in Iraq. During the last round of sanctions on Iranian oil, the role of informal middlemen resulted in a number of major multibillion-dollar corruption scandals, which ended up snaring banks and government officials in neighboring Turkey, a big importer of Iran's oil.

The true horror of Iraq was the aftermath of Saddam's overthrow, as American troops struggled to retain hold amid a multi-sided civil war and insurgency.

4- Washington does not mind that the Tehran regime remains in power if it is willing to negotiate and co-exist under certain conditions; which means that it still refuses to link the expansionism of Iran to the "chemistry" of its regime.

Tehran has rejected the allegation of Iranian involvement and Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif said that "extremist individuals" in the USA government were pursuing unsafe policies.

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