Meet Scotty, the Largest and Longest-Lived T. Rex Ever Found

Meet Scotty, the Largest and Longest-Lived T. Rex Ever Found

But the bones were embedded in hard sandstone, and it took paleontologists more than a decade to dig them out.

"Scotty is the oldest T-Rex known", Persons said.

The very big predator lived about 66 million years ago, and despite having made it to a relatively old age, dying in its early 30s, researchers estimated it suffered some bumps and bruises along the way. "Among the known species, T. rex is one of the best represented extinct dinosaurs, with more than 20 fossil individuals identified", according to National Geographic.

"This is the rex of rexes", Scott Persons, the study's lead author and a postdoctoral researcher in the University of Alberta's Department of Biological Sciences, said in a statement.

That remnant, found in 1991, has now been recognised as part of the biggest T. rex skeleton to be discovered.

Researchers estimate Scotty was about 42 feet long and weighed about 10 tons, and is the largest T-Rex ever known to roam the earth.

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Through painstaking work, paleontologists managed to recover about 65 percent of the specimen officially known as RSM P2523.8 after its discovery almost 30 years ago. "Scotty exemplifies the robust".

The world's largest Tyrannosaurus Rex was almost as long as an 18-wheeler and weighed as much as four cars combined, according to paleontologists at the University of Alberta. By looking at his big leg bones, scientists also figured out that he got to the grand old age of about 30 when he was alive, which was pretty good for a Tyrannosaurus.

Only when Scotty was completely unearthed and fully assembled were the researchers able to complete their investigation. The T. rex had an infected jaw, an impacted tooth and broken ribs that healed before it died.

Given all sorts of variations, it'd be possible for two T. rex to have exactly the same length but have different weights-or have different weights at varying lengths-in which case awarding a superlative title becomes subjective.
That's senior citizen status for a T-Rex. Paleontologist Thomas Carr from Carthage College, who was not involved in the new study, told Gizmodo that Scotty's new weight calculation "changes our picture of what is within the range of possibility for these large animals and expands our understanding of the biology of large theropods at that extreme end of the size range".

Scotty will be on public display at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina, Saskatchewan, this May.

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