Scientists Use Quantum Computer to Demonstrate Time Reversal

According to the report, finding the origin of the "arrow of time" is still a major scientific challenge.

The law indicates that the entropy, or disorder, of a closed system will always increase over time. This runs contrary to the second law.

The study's lead author Gordey Lesovik said, "This is one in a series of papers on the possibility of violating the second law of thermodynamics". According to many laws of physics, there is no past and future.

He continued and explained that "We began by describing a so-called local perpetual motion machine of the second kind".

Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology along with colleagues from Switzerland and the United States, built their "time machine" using a fairly rudimentary quantum computer.

The study also indicates that time reversal for individual particles is unlikely. Thus, they made a decision to check and examine a solitary electron in empty interstellar space. "In spite of the fact that it sees no difference amongst the future and the past, the region of space containing the electron will spread out all around rapidly". The vulnerability of the electron's position is growing.

That's in direct violation of the second law of thermodynamics, which governs how order progresses to chaos.

"However, Schrödinger's equation is reversible", noted Valerii Vinokur, a co-author of the paper, from the Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.

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The scientists managed the equivalent of a broken rack of pool balls re-ordering itself into a pyramid formation - as if time is running backwards.

Scientists then set out to ascertain the likelihood to observe an electron "smeared out" over a small amount of a second immediately localizing into its recent past. A qubit is quantum information's basic unit and a computer binary bit's quantum version.

The feat in consideration was achieved by a group of Russian scientists, using an IBM Quantum computer.

Stage 1 of the experiment saw each qubit initialized in the ground state, denoted as zero.

The suggested algorithm alters the quantum developed state which then starts to develop in reverse. The program modified the state of the quantum program in such a way that it went back from chaos to an ordered pattern. Scientists investigated this "in the wild", by isolating a single electron and calculating how long it would take for random perturbations in the universe to cause such an effect.

An analogy would be giving the pool table such a perfectly calculated kick that the balls roll back into an orderly pyramid. This state meant that the qubits were rewound back in its original starting pattern.

Since the algorithm was able to bring the two qubits back to their initial state from just a few instances ago, it can be said that they were successful in reversing time in a controlled quantum state. They realised that in the case of a three-qubits system, the success rate was of only 50 percent.

However, what happened inside a quantum computer might have no real life implications.

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