What about the Democrats' memo makes President Trump so afraid?

What about the Democrats' memo makes President Trump so afraid?

Its portions about the criminal referral - as opposed to its portions repeating Democratic talking points - could not have been more dryly written or uninteresting. Not only were they wrong on legal grounds to oppose the memo's release, they were politically stupid for doing so.

Recall the FBI's targeting of political figures they feared or didn't like, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The White House told Congress Friday Trump would not release the Democratic memo.

"Certainly Politico covered the dramatically more transparent letter released Tuesday, right?"

To which the White House replied that yes, Trump does want to keep some information in the document secret - because release could compromise national security.

Daily there are articles of hyperbole by The Associated Press referencing the GOP memo about the Federal Bureau of Investigation surveillance on candidate, then President Donald Trump with a warrant (dubiously) obtained under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Imagine if candidate Trump had kept his campaign promises when he became President. In the memo, McCabe is said to have testified that the FISA application against Carter Page was largely based on the information in the Steele dossier.

After the FBI director refused to negate Trump's declassification authority once again, Harris asked if he believed "the president should recuse himself from reviewing and declassifying sensitive FBI material related to this investigation?" This omission taints the legitimacy of the FISA application, the memo suggests. These FISA renewals must be done every 90 days when surveillance is conducted on American citizens.

Democrats responded by attempting to put forth an adversarial memo of their own.

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The real goal of the Republican memo, however, was to deflect attention from the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign's collusion with the Kremlin. It ran under the false headline "2 Senators Issue Letter To Support House Memo", even though the letter was issued in early January, weeks before the House memo was made public. The only justification for classifying information is to protect national security. They knew from the classified information that there was no basis for their claims that the Trump Administration was put into office with Moscow's assistance, but they played along because it served their real goal of keeping the USA on war footing and keeping the gravy train rolling.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said Tuesday that he will not make any revisions to the Democratic memo that was drafted as a rebuttal to the so-called Nunes memo, authored by Chair Devin Nunes.

Democrats said that the GOP memo "cherry-picked" details.

White House legislative affairs director Marc Short told reporters on Monday that the Trump administration looks "forward to releasing" the Democratic rebuttal to the Republican memo accusing the FBI and Justice Department of running a corrupt investigation on Russian Federation - but only after Democrats "clean it up".

As expected, Democrats were furious with the President. Until that moment, they had been widely criticized for their disrespectful performance on the House floor, which had alienated millions of Americans watching the president. "What does the President have to hide?"

Having appeared positively eager to release the GOP memo which Trump said totally vindicates him vis-a-vis Russian Federation, there was only one thing to do: Just as eagerly release the Democratic memo.

Mr. Schiff's memo reportedly argues that there were other reasons for the warrant beyond the British spy's information, and that the judges who approved the warrant weren't kept in the dark on the source of the dossier - the latter being a charge made by Mr. Nunes.

The only way to assuage all partisan concerns that have accompanied both Democrat and Republican memos is to release the original FISA application and its subsequent renewals.

Then, we could all decide for ourselves.

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